Identifying a gap in the global prototype racing ladder, the Automobile Club de l’Ouest (ACO) launched the LMP3 category, cost-capped and ready to help drivers understand the cars. Six manufacturers were approved to build chassis: Ginetta, Ligier (Onroak), Adess and Norma, with identical Nissan V8 engines providing 420 bhp, which must last for 10,000km without maintenance, and X-Trac gearboxes.

Chassis                                         Carbon composite monocoque 


Minimum weight                           930 kilograms


Engine                                          V8, 5 litres, 420ch – Nissan VK50


Transmission                                X-Trac six-speed sequential gearbox
                                                     Semi-automatic paddle shift system


Brakes                                          Master cylinder, 6-piston callipers
                                                     Front and rear steel discs 14″ diameter


Fuel tank size                              100 litres 


Wheels                                         Magnesium 18″ diameter
                                                     Front width 12,5″ – rear width 13″


One of the most exciting components of LMP3 racing is the choice of the manufacturers. Since it’s inception LMP3 has seen 5 manufacturers compete. All of this manufacturers has shown great dedication to the category in producing high level, fast race cars for a capped price of €206,000.


All manufactures have seen the brands spraying champagne in different regions showing that in the right hands all of the cars can meet success. In LMP3 Cup Australia we have had positive support from all of the manufactures in a local partner of factory support as the series grows.

Here are the contact details for the representatives of those manufactures:


Ginetta Australia -  Mark Griffith


+61 439 731 933


Ligier Sports Cars - Christophe Profit




Norma Auto Concepts - Thibaut Mourgues




Adess - Stephane 





There are many new and used cars available for LMP3 Cup Australia. With the move to hold onto the current LMP3 Homologation until the end of 2021 it opens up all of the current cars in the market meaning existing LMP3 teams can use their current cars for another two years and new teams and drivers have a large number of high quality used cars available to them making the entry price much lower. That being said all manufacturers will still supply brand new current homologation cars to the Australian market. Used car prices are ranging from €60,000 - 150,000 depending on included spares and mileage. New cars €206,000.


LMP3 Cup Australia has a list of available cars in the market. Contact us to get this list. 


Visit https://racecarsdirect.com/Advert/Search?searchText=lmp3 for available cars in the market.